Wednesday, June 5, 2019

E-CLUB Baking

As today was going to be a bitter day, we decided to do a super-sweet activity.
I say “bitter” day because today we said good bye to our Erasmus Club meetings. Well, not exactly “good bye”, only “see you later”, as soon as the course starts back we’ll take our meetings again.
The sweet activity we had today was… Baking pastries‼‼
We learned how to bake croissants and palmiers, and then we didn’t have to learn how to eat them, we all knew how to! They came out super yummy.
While the pastries were in the oven we talked about the activities we made this year and decided ideas to make next course. Do you want to know our plans? Then stay tuned to our blog to discover.
Bye for now. Enjoy your summer and see you back in September.