Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Listen! Listen to me!

Hello!! Today we’ve had another club meeting. It’s so good to see that most of the students who started are still interested in joining us!
Today we’ve made a very important activity because it will help to decide the lucky members who will host our Finnish friends next month: yes! It’s just a bit more than a month and they will be here!
This has been a listening activity. We’ve heard a couple of tracks and answered to some questions. It sounds boring but we’ve enjoyed it. When we finished we made another game consisting in translating common Spanish expressions into English. The hour flied!
We’re already looking forward to our next meeting. The teachers told us that we will have to record ourselves as if it was a casting. How fun it will be‼
See you in a couple of weeks!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Tell me a story

Today we’ve held our 4th meeting. This time we’ve decided to focus on our speaking and listening skills playing a funny activity: it consist on inventing a story all together.
We’ve split up in four groups of eight people (yes, we were 32 participants. Super massive, as usual) and we had to continue a story starting with “It was a sunny day and I decided to go for a walk…”. The first person of the group had to go on from that sentence and after a while, one of the teachers said: “Next” and the following person had to continue the story.
It’s been very entertaining and we have invented really funny stories. The best part is that we have practiced our speaking and listening skills playing.
We’re looking forward to our next meeting. What will we do? I think it’ll be time for some technological activities.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Let´s play a kahoot!

What a great come back after holydays! Classes seemed a bit too long today after so many days out but at least we had a good thing coming at the end of the day: our club meeting! Today we changed our usual class to go to the computer room. We’ve learned what a Kahhot is. It’s a very funny way of playing together. It consists in a quiz with four answers for each question. We could see the questions and the answer in the projector and give our responses from our computers (or tablets or phones…). It sounds a bit complicated but it’s really fun. After playing a short quiz about Finland we prepared some questions for our Finnish friends. You can play it here. We hope our colleagues from Finland will enjoy this game and learn a bit more about our culture and traditions. We’re looking forward to having the next meeting on 22nd January. What will we do that day? I still don’t know, but I’m sure that it’ll be real fun, as it always is!

To play the game you have to follow the link, press playàClassic. Then you will see a pin code that you have to insert in from your phone or tablet, follow the questions in your computer and mark the answers in your portable device.

Friday, December 21, 2018

A little Christmas present

You were expecting the presents, weren´t you? As we promissed, here you are a little christmas present! Hope you enjoy it!. MErry Christmas to you all!. See you next year!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Second Spanish Erasmus Club meeting

Today we have enjoyed our second meeting, it’s been even more massive tan the first: 33 students!! As we promised, today we’ve been preparing some presents for our Finnish friends. Do you want to know what they are? Well, you will have to wait a bit. We’ve learned some new artistic skills: using watercolours and some very fancy aqua brushes we have prepared some letterings with good season wishes for our Finnish mates and their families. We have also great news. We have another reason to be happy to come back after Christmas holydays: we have a new meeting on 8th January!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

CAS: First Erasmus Club meeting

On Tuesday 11th December we’ve enjoyed our first Erasmus Club meeting.
It’s been such a success‼ 29 students decided to participate. During this first encounter we’ve introduced ourselves and we’ve shared our motivations for this project.
We’ve also decided a couple of activities to share with our Finnish mates before Christmas: we’re going to send them some digital presents!
Next week we’ll continue planning and we’ll prepare those presents. Aren’t you looking forward to knowing what they are?