Wednesday, June 5, 2019

E-CLUB Baking

As today was going to be a bitter day, we decided to do a super-sweet activity.
I say “bitter” day because today we said good bye to our Erasmus Club meetings. Well, not exactly “good bye”, only “see you later”, as soon as the course starts back we’ll take our meetings again.
The sweet activity we had today was… Baking pastries‼‼
We learned how to bake croissants and palmiers, and then we didn’t have to learn how to eat them, we all knew how to! They came out super yummy.
While the pastries were in the oven we talked about the activities we made this year and decided ideas to make next course. Do you want to know our plans? Then stay tuned to our blog to discover.
Bye for now. Enjoy your summer and see you back in September.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Finns Visiting CAS

Hi guys!

We hope that everything is fine in Aranjuez. It is our last week at school, and you can imagine how excited everybody is. Next week we will be on our summer holiday. Yes!đŸ’Ș 

Time flew by after our visit to Aranjuez in March. We wrote a small diary about our trip and had a few presentations on the trip. We even gave a presentation to two different groups of teachers visiting Rastaala school, one was from Sweden and the other one from Italy. Can you imagine how exciting that was?! The texts had to be translated into English, and it took more time than we had estimated. It also took a while to get all the pics and texts here, but here they are now. We hope this brings you lots of good memories.

Monday, March 18th

On Monday we had a normal school day before we left school at 14.30. Our plane departed at 17.00. We arrived in Aranjuez at 22.30 and met our host families. And our Finnish teachers met their Spanish colleagues. Look at those smiling faces! :) 

Tuesday, March 19th 
On Tuesday we were at school and got to know the school. We visited some classes and gave them a presentation about Rastaala and Finland. The Spanish students asked a lot of questions.

Giving a presentation .

At the school library
 The hall 

We also saw quite a few interesting biochemical experiments in the chemistry class. The 4th graders explained us in English what was happening in the experiment.

Waiting for the short films to begin.

And then we saw some fantastic short films made by the 3rd and 4th graders. Very talented young filmmakers!

In the afternoon, we went paddle surfing.  

The weather was great but the water rather cold. Some of us fell into the water and got a bit wet. We had soooo much fun!

Wednesday, March 20th

On Wednesday we went to the royal gardens and to the palace. It was very beautiful there. The Spanish students gave us great presentations about the history of Aranjuez, the royal gardens and palace. We ate snacks at the gardens. What a beautiful place!

 Later in the afternoon we had our Erasmus+ meeting with our Spanish Erasmus ambassadors and planned their visit to Finland next year. In the evening we ate some churros with our friends. Yummy!

Thursday, March 21st  A Trip to Madrid

A bag full of souveniers
Plaza Major
Museo Nacional del Prado 

 Madrid railway station
Madrid railway station
 In the morning our host families took us to the Aranjuez train station. The trip to Madrid was so much fun. We saw so many things there. Luckily, we had a little bit of time to do some shopping too. In the afternoon we travelled back to Aranjuez.

Friday, March 22nd 
A Trip to Toledo 

We went on a trip to Toledo. In Toledo it was nice and fun and we learnt really much about Spanish history and the history of the city of Toledo.
Look, how narrow
this street is!

A few steps to see the view.

Admiring the view.

What a view!

Catedral de Santa MarĂ­a de Toledo 

Mezquita del Cristo de la Luz

A very small window.

 In the evening we had a very nice farewell party with the families and teachers.

It was fun to get to know Spanish people. We learnt interesting things about Spanish culture, arts and history. We made friends with them and we keep in touch with our host families via social media. 

Thursday, May 23, 2019


Hi people!
Last thursday we were working on a nice project related with "stamps". In this workshop we´ve been drawing, painting and carving in a rubber block. Finally, adding ink you can create your own stamp-design! It was an old technique that we could recover nowadays with a lot of interest.
Try to practice it, you just need a rubber block, ink an a bit of imagination!

Monday, April 8, 2019

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Visit Finnish Ambassadors (19th – 23rd March 2019)

Oh, my…!! I don’t know how to start… We’ve enjoyed such a wonderful week. So many things to tell you that I don’t…
Well, I’ll start from the beginning.
The arrival: Monday 10.30 pm, we’re all waiting, expecting the arrival of the bus bringing our friends here. Every sound, every car…and Yes‼ finally they’re here. Minutes full of nerves and expectation. Even though we’ve texted with our friends, this will be the first time we meet and we hope everything goes smooth. And so did it.
The next days are filled with activities so we all can enjoy and take the most of the few days our friends are going to be here:
On Tuesday we took them around the school premises to show them where we study, we also went to see the amazing scientific experiments that the 4th graders had prepared (so astonishing) and finally we could enjoy the award ceremony for the short films shot by 4th graders. Such a complete day and that was just the morning. There was a great surprise: we were taken to practice paddle surf; it was soooooo fun‼
On Wednesday we got to know our town a bit better: guided tour in JardĂ­n de la isla, learning the myths behind the fountains, and then visit to Palacio Real. We remained all speechless, such beauties there inside. During the afternoon we had to work a bit planning the future of our club: if we don’t do it, who is going to do it for us? Do you want to know what we decided? Then you have to keep updated here, in our blog!
Thursday was the moment to visit Madrid. We, the Spanish kids, already knew the city a bit, but it was the first time for our Finnish friends and, gosh! How they enjoyed it! Lots of walking downtown and lots of beautiful things to see.

Friday came so quickly and it was turn to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Spain: Toledo. We took a tour with two super-nice guides from CuĂ©ntame Toledo . Did you know that Toledo is called “the city of the three cultures”? We didn’t, but know we do: Jews, Muslims and Christians lived there together: could we do it again in the future? Back in Aranjuez we enjoyed great moments sharing a snack with all the members of the clubs and our families: it was a super-special moment. We also recorded some footage to prepare something. What? Stay tuned to know!
And as fast as you’ve read these lines, Saturday came and so the moment to say good bye. Good bye? No! Just “see you soon”. In some months it will be us visiting our friends and knowing a bit more about their country. In the meantime, lots of activities await for us.


Wednesday, March 6, 2019

A/V workshop:

Hi people! In our last meeting we learnt a bit about audio/video techniques and we had a lot of fun playing with a chroma key. As it was so fun, we didn't want to miss the chance to soy "Hi" to all of you.
In a few days we'll upload longer videos from our ambassadors.

During our A/V workshop we recorded longer footage from all of us. We've edited a selection so you can get to know our ambassadors a bit better.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Greetings from third graders

Third graders (9 years old pupils) made a couple of animations to our friends in Spain. We had so much fun making them.